Book Manuscript

People’s Wars in China, Malaya, and Vietnam


Revolution Defeated: The Collapse of the Chinese Soviet Republic. Forthcoming. Twentieth-Century China 43 (1).

Gene Z. Hanrahan: Elusive Historian of the Malayan Emergency. Forthcoming. Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 312 (1).

Framing in Context: How Interest Groups Employ Framing to Lobby the European Commission. 2015. Journal of European Public Policy Vol. 22, Issue 4. Pg. 481-498. (With Heike Klüver and Christine Mahoney)

Working Papers

“Creating ‘Masses” from “People’: Institutions, Identity, and Conflict in the Chinese Revolution, 1931-1935”

“Fighting the People, Fighting for the People: Insurgent Governance and Conflict Outcomes”

“The Logic of Insurgent Courts”

“A Party Divided: The Malayan Communist Party, 1945-1951”

“Black Box in the Fog: The History of the Malayan Communist Party” (with Jason Sze-Chieh Ng)

“The Pangu Mountain Uprising”

“Testing Prospect Theory in the Real World: Studying the Impact of Gain Versus Loss Frames on Lobbying Success Using Quantitative Text Analysis” (with Christine Mahoney and Heike Klüver)

“Just Not Feelin’ It: Emotive Appeals in European Union Policy Debates” (with Christine Mahoney)


Doris Kearns Goodwin. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln [Chinese title: Linken yu jingdi muliao 林肯與勁敵幕僚]. 2010. Shanghai: Shanghai renmin chubanshe. (With You Yiding 尤以丁)


“Xuexi Zhongwen; Mei Wei Cheng Qihou?” 學習中文 美未成氣候?[Studying Chinese: Not Yet a Trend in the United States?] 2012. In Shijie ribao 世界日報 [World Journal]. February 12. Pg. B7.

“Landuo Meiguo; anyu xianzhuang?” 懶惰美國 安於現狀? [Lazy America: At Ease with the Status Quo?]. 2011. In Shijie ribao 世界日報 [World Journal]. October 9. Pg. B6.



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